$16,000 Raised For Bernie Sanders in Syracuse New York in a Few Hours!


Organizers Joe Driscoll and Charley Orlando provided bands, artists, dancers, musicians, businesses, venues, media, college students, local residents and surrounding areas came together for a night of entertainment for Bernie Sanders.  January 8th, 2016 more than 700 people came together at the Palace Theater in Syracuse New York and raised over $16,000 in a few hours .  What makes this even better, all profit made from this event was donated to The Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign. This event alone,  represents  only a splitter of a fraction of Bernie Sanders supporters within New York State and throughout the United States.

After hearing news of a major CNY local car dealership donating a few thousand USD to the Donald Trump and other republican campaigns, Funk-N-Waffles, Joe Driscoll and partners were able to coordinate a special event in raising over 8x’s the amount with normal citizens.  This is another example as to why Bernie Sanders has a strong chance of winning the presidential election by having more supporters rather than a handful of entities with great financial influence.

“A poor man who donates a penny and has nothing is worth more than a wealthy man donating a $10,000”


This event was originally was supposed to be held at the NEW Funk N’ Waffles located downtown Syracuse in Armory Square. Their second location is located on the Syracuse University Hill. For bands and entertainers we would like to give a special thanks to the following:

Sophistafunk, Joe Driscoll, Charley Orlando, Brownskin Band, Subsoil. Castle Creek, Mage IX, Jane Zell, Colleen Kattau, Chris Merkley, Dave Risen, Irv Lyones & Edgar Pagan and more.



There are win win situations, and then there’s whatever last night was. Win win times twelve. Such good vibes, so many great performances, great food, and tons of new volunteers recruited for the Sanders campaign.
We had over 700 people through the doors, and we raised just over $16,000 all told, after expenses! We raised awareness, we raised massive funds, we raised the roof, and we raised some spirits. Most importantly, was the sense of community in the room that was so strong. Blew me away.

Big up my main homie Charley Orlando for organising the event with me. From our first discussions, the event took on a life of it’s own. Every one came together to make it happen, and it showed that many hands can make for light work.

Massive big up to all the artists who shared their talents: Colleen Kattau, Jane Zell, Irv Lyons Jr., Grupo Pagan, Dave Risen, Root SHOCK, The fat Peace, Subsoil, Castle Creek, Mage IX, Chris Merkley, and Sophistafunk. I haven’t danced and smiled that much in a while.

Thanks to Renee Vogelsang, Emad Rahim, and Christopher James Villanueva for speaking and sharing their personal stories and inspiration. Added so much!  Big up Lauren Livingston, and all the Bernie Sanders volunteers– who worked hand in hand with us in organizing the event– and captured some of that energy, put it in a bottle, for it to be put towards practical use moving forward.

Big up PB&J’s Lunch Box, LLC and The Chicken Bandit – Food Truck & Eatery for providing outstanding eats!

Big up all the volunteers who worked getting all the promo materials out and about — and for spreading the word. Special thanks to all the volunteers who worked the door and booths and provided the glue to keep it all together. Joyce Driscoll, Bea Talplacido Gauvin, Carol Thoryk-O’Leary, Kathleen Metallo-Mason, and many others.

A big thanks to Paul Valenti and The Palace Theater and all it’s staff for providing the perfect venue for the event. They were an absolute pleasure to work with.
Huge thanks to the 700 plus people who came out and made it all happen. You all made it happen. Thank you.

I was inspired to organise the event by Bernie’s statements that he was not going to be able to address the problems that face this country, nor could any presidential candidate. His call for a political revolution, is a revolution which will require us all to engage, come together- and work to create the changes we want to see. Last night showed me that not only is that possible– we can do it, and have an absolute blast in the process.
We are in talks with The Palace about another one on April 16th, to bring attention to the primaries. Hope we can keep the good vibes and sense of community going for the coming months. Don’t forget to like the Syracuse for Sanders Facebook page to stay in touch with the movement.

The people united- can never be defeated.

Lots of love 315. Feeling the Bern, feeling the love- Joe x

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