Empire Life Welcomes WJOB 93.3 FM To The Family

WJOB griffin production 5x7 flyer

Empire Life Media would like to add  WJOB 93.3 FM to the family!  This is a new urban contemporary radio station based in the southern tier New York and Susquehanna Pennsylvania.  WJOB is the new “people’s channel” with great music of all different varieties (rnb, hip-hop, dance, rap, gospel, old school, club and more!), informational outlets, promotional campaigns, and more!  This is a great opportunity to showcase businesses, connect with college students, and be prospective travelers going through the states of NY and PA.  

wjob 93.3fm french montana promo

Although based in Southern Tier NY and PA anyone in the nation and world can listen to WJOB 93.3FM because it is streamed at http://www.wjofm.com.  Hakim Griffin, founder of Empire Life Media is also the new sponsorship underwriter and promotional coordinator for WJOB.  Together, expansion into markets of Albany, Syracuse and even in Buffalo Rochester are starting to tune into WJOB FM.  This is great for listeners businesses all throughout NYS.

If you are interested in showcasing your business or announcement or to be a sponsor contact Hakim Griffin at (315) 952-7154 or e-mail hakimwgriffin@gmail.com


mariah carey wjob 93.3fm promo

About WJOB 93.3 FM

For years, the Southern Tier has enjoyed various musical genres made available via FM broadcast.  Listeners have had the choice of listening to Rock, Contemporary Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Country and various forms of Classical music, all of which were quite gratifying to the demographic they were intended to serve. But recently, communities have been overtaken by a surge in Pop, R&B, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, Dance, Latin and  Reggae music markets.  Amazingly, these genres amassed a cumulative total of 96 million albums sold in the United States, for the 2011 calendar year!

If the next generation of youth listeners has the buying power to purchase this music, if our Urban professionals are currently engaged in these cultures, why not serve this demographic on the FM dial?  And with the question, WJOB FM was born.  WJOB FM is a non- commercial educational radio station.  It serves these musical genres and the thousands of youth and young urban professionals that subscribe to this vast array of music culture.  We call this blend of music programming Urban Contemporary music.

This population of listeners is ever apparent in our community.  And the birth of WJOB FM has caught the attention of the City of Binghamton, both SUNY Broome and Binghamton University student groups as well as a plethora of non-profit agencies. WJOB FM is a long awaited and overdue addition to the Binghamton community and its music lovers.  It’s exciting to see the music come to life, it’s exciting to watch FaceBook posts about the station.  Undoubtedly, WJOB FM has made a connection with this community and the potential of that connection is virtually limitless!

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