Throw It Up Ballin’ Our Balln’ 16 Challenge

throw it up ballin out bracket challenge ball'n 16 daily orange 1-4 page

Has your bracket been busted by numerous upsets in the NCAA Tournament so far?  Don’t worry, we have opened up our bracket challenge for the Sweet 16 Madness.  The winning prizes are $1,000 for 1st, $750 for 2nd and $450 for 3rd place.    Buy-ins are only $10 perbracket.  This is a bracket to where your chances of winning the prize are higher than a great deal of pools you can be in. You can get a bracket by visiting Shirt World your source for SU Gear located at 125 Marshall Street, Syracuse NY 13210. You can also check out The Daily Orange Paper or visiting 

text 315) 416-1607 or (315) 952-7154 to get your new brackets in or to be provided with a bracket or to make payments

submit printed and scanned brackets to 


THROW IT UP bracket balln’ 16

Deadline; Thursday March 28th, 2013 at noon

winners of this are separate from full bracket holders.


throw it up ballin out bracket challenge ballin' 16 facebook banner

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