N*****z Be Schemin Official Music Video by 50 Cent featuring Kidd Kidd

50 Cent is getting ready for the G-Unit Takeover this 2012 year and launching his newest video featuring Kidd Kidd is one to remember for the start of the summer!  We hit you with The Big Ten MIxtape back in December 2011 dat Piff with 11 HOT TRACKS.  N***** Be Schemin, being one of the hottest tracks on mixtape, is now available to view on youtube and here on Empire Life.  check it out here and also download The Big Ten Mixtape!

New music video by 50 Cent performing his new song, “N****s Be Schemin” with Kidd Kidd.

Off of The Big 10, mixtape available for free download:http://www.facebook.com/50cent?sk=app_298537663510900

50 Cent’s new mix tape “The Lost Tape” coming for free download on May 22nd on http://www.Thisis50.com




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