Mother receives 93 days in jail for vegetable garden in Michigan

As we  all know that Empire Life is a strong advocate of entertainment, but most realize that we have a large green thumb for environment and environmental projects.  Empire Life has worked with Environmental Studies and Forestry students from Syracuse University throughout the years and actively spread knowledge and news about ways to improve ones, neighborhood, community, county, state and even country.  We stumbled on a horrible situation in Michigan where a mother is being arrested and put into jail for 93 days for planting a vegetable garden in the front of her house.  Kevin Rulkowski-Director and City planner said “That’s not what we want to see in a front yard”.  Wjen we first heard this story we laughed and had to tell the world. There are plenty of things that would devaluate the the communities property and having a maintained garden is not one of them.

With the sky rocketing prices of fresh produce and the housing crisis that the nation is hitting, this seems like a smack in the face to “Mother Nature” and to families interested in having healthy and alternative ways of living. There is another pre-trial scheduled for July 26th 2012 and the next step could be a jury trial. Support Julie Bass and let the city know your voice and opinion on how crazy it is!  The area does not look over grown, randomly placed and the plants are not MARIJUANA OR COCAINE LEAVES so they would be considered “suitable.”

If you disagree with the City of Oak Park, Michigan, here’s contact information for the City Planner. Email, call, or write to him and let him know that vegetables ARE suitable live plant material and people LOVE watching the gardens grow, bloom, and produce food.
Kevin Rulkowski Email:
Kevin Rulkowski Office: 248.691.7450

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