Tynisha Keli with Empire Life, Griffin Productions and Griffin Ink. Entertainment

Tynisha Keli, just a girl who came from nothing trying to make her way. I come from a very poverty stricken home and struggled most of my life… I caught a break when i was 14 just to come to LA and struggle in a different way… i was now in another world at 14 but with no family or friends…Even though it was rough I found a way to make it work cause I had never wanted something so bad! I Signed to MCA Records (age 15) in a girls group. From the beginning i knew it wasn’t for me. As time went on I wanted to branch out and try it on my own. So I signed to a production company then signed to Warner Brothers Records and began recording the solo album. Something just wasn’t fittin’ I wasn’t content with what we had. I grew up a little more, started to change mentally, physically and spiritually so decided to change the route of the album. I released the production company and started to work with different producers that i thought fit the criteria of what i was searching for. Producers such as Brian Michael Cox, Justice League, Tha Corna Boyz, Robin Thicke, Co-Stars and so many more… Now that i’m almost there, so close i swear i can taste it, I realize that in the end your dreams do come true if you don’t give up on them no matter how hard it gets.

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Griffin Ink. Entertainment, Griffin Productions and Empire Life Media Entertainment are coming together with a  series of campaigns around the nation and world-wide during the next few seasons and are anticipated to be collaborating with the artist. Be on the lookout for this bombshell of talent.

Here are some Video Links:


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