Join the True 2 Life Music, Money Never Sleeps Empire

Coming into their own as artists, the Brooklyn rap group, True 2 Life Music returns with their most ambitious project to date. Their EP, “Money Never Sleeps,” looks to provide the soundtrack for the recent years in America including the economic situations that face their listeners and themselves. “These past few years have been hard on a lot of people financially and of course that spills over into other parts of your life. As artists you can’t ignore that, you have to embrace that” as Concise discusses their path and come up as a burgeoning rap group. 

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Produced and recorded exclusively by the group, “Money Never Sleeps” provides the soundtrack for the ambitious, the hustlers and those striving to reach their goals amidst the economic collapse and “everyday struggles.” K.Words adds “The title is a reference to the way that big business has shrunk our world. While you sleep, with or without your knowledge, money is being exchanged on the other side of the world and decisions are being made to influence your life.” Slangston Hughes adds “These aren’t just decisions we rap about, these are experiences we share with our fans. As young black men and as artists, we feel the impact of what has happened across the country. Money never sleeps, and neither do we.” Never Sleeps (The EP) – True 2 Life Music by True2LifeMusic

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