Contest The Throne, Who Wants a Shot?

Contest the Throne designed by Hakim Griffin and Griffin Productions

Contest the Throne designed by Hakim Griffin and Griffin Productions

As you know Jay Z and Kanye West have stirred up the rap industry by taking shots and calling out other entertainers such as Lil Wayne, Game, Drake, Rick Ross, and Game (so far).  There has been the launching and strip tear down of the maybach pretty much rubbing their success in the eyes of others.  Some may take it as being negative and a showoff by tearing apart such an expensive car, but with Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, Game, Rick Ross, and even more talk about how much money they have and how much they make but at the same time show to the public that they are on their grind all the time and are still hungry for more.  Jay Z and Kanye are definately on top of the charts in terms of rap lyrics (quite definitely better than Wiz Khalifa) and with setting records and sales while having fashion lines, merchandise and much more.  After hearing and watching the “Otis” video I was impressed on how fun it looked and how well it was shot, then I began to realize that music is about fun and enjoying yourself with whatever power and wealth you may have.  Of course, there are different levels of success but for the most part drake wouldnt have a career if it wasn’t for lil wayne and the triple down effect where all the “LIL KID ARTISTS” back in the day.  Artists like Lil Romeo, Lil Flip, Lil Wayne, and Lil Bow wow were all brought up and managed in the footsteps of great artists who of which are still rapping today.  Jadakiss states in one of my favorite DJ’s mixtape, DJ Whiteowl Drop that volume 173 and 175 through volume 178 about the difference from Jay Z and himself and his connection to the hood and less unfortunate while Jay Z and Kanye seem to separate themselves. Drake says, ” that he has his mind in way place and his heart in another.” Lil Wayne says, ” I will kidnap your b*tch get that how much you love your baby money…play asshole and get an ass whoop’n and give an oop to Drake Griffin.”

There are a handful of hot tracks you must here as well as a radio interview with Game speaking about Jay Z and his view of new artists.  We don’t know why Jadakiss is beefing with Jay Z because they are under Def Jam, the same level but everyone has to realize that Jay Z also has Rock Nation, Wale, J Cole, Rihanna and many many more for his arsenal in lyrical battles.  Just check out these mixtapes and see for yourself.

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