Come Join a Club with OCC’s CLUB FAIR


designed by hakim griffin and griffin productions

designed by hakim griffin and griffin productions

There are over 20 great clubs and organizations to join while attending Suny Onondaga Community College this 2011-2012 year. Come check out this fall semester’s OCC CLUBS Fair on September 7th, 2011 from 11am-1:30om in the GSC Lobby.  

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There is significant research that highlights the importance of getting involved outside of the classroom while you are enrolled in college. Of course, there is no arguing with the importance of courses and learning from your classes. However, the role of co-curricular life in one’s overall college experience is not to be overlooked. While employers are looking for college graduates who are academically motivated, those who truly stand out are those who are well-rounded and have held a leadership role in some aspect of campus life.


Are you looking for an organization that: 

Is related to your major?

Provides a service to the community?

Is associated with your hobby?

Will allow you to meet new people and make new friends?

Will keep you in touch with others of a similar background?

Is associated with a professional organization?

Will furnish an opportunity to network with people in the business world?

Focuses on helping others?


Whether it’s holding a resident assistant or orientation leader position, being a member of an athletic team, joining a student organization or volunteering on/off campus, just by being involved — students can find a way to connect with others to enrich their college experience. It’s also a great way to develop new contacts that can come in handy when it comes time to apply for life after college.


Some of the skills you can develop by becoming involved:

Learning to effectively balance your time

Getting connected with others who have similar interests

Developing contacts with potential future career possibilities

Building skills in a wide variety of areas (i.e. communication)

Developing a new interest – expand your horizons and try something you might never have had the chance to do, or may find it difficult to do in the future!


Tips for Becoming Involved

Branch out into something different from high school.

Read bulletin boards and campus newsletters.

Seek out opportunities: don’t wait for others to come to you!

Visit the Student Association Office, Gordon Student Center, Room 104 Student organizations have mailboxes there and you can leave a note for those that interest you!


For more information contact us at 315-498-2006 or

Choose from clubs like: …..

Active Clubs and Organizations

Architecture & Interior Design




Finding Faith

Gay Straight Alliance


Health Information Technology

Human Services

International Student


Muslim American Society

Non-Traditional Students

Residence Hall Association




Whole Earth


Other ways to get involved:

Emergency Services Organization

Overview-Student Newspaper

Phi Theta Kappa


Student Association

The Student Association (SA) provides students with opportunities for governance while developing leadership skills and serving the needs of the student body. Elected student officers and professional staff collaborate with students, faculty, staff and administration to identify and deliver programming and services that reflect the needs and preferences of the student body.

Contact: Student Association Office

Student Association General Meetings

Student Association meetings are held to inform all students about the ongoing and proposed initiatives and activities of the Student Association.  Meetings provide a forum for standing committee reports, club and organization updates, and issues brought forth by students-at-large. All part- and full-time students are encouraged to attend. With proper College identification, any Onondaga student may vote on resolutions presented at Student Association meetings.

Student Association Committee Meetings

Three standing Student Association committees meet to identify, plan and implement student activities, events and initiatives:

Entertainment and Programming Committee

Concerned with planning and delivering diverse social, recreational and cultural events and activities. In addition, an Entertainment and Programming committee member is selected to serve on the Arts Across Campus Committee, a group charged with providing a broad spectrum of cultural and educational events throughout the academic year.

Club Contingency Fund Committee

Concerned with the distribution of monies for club trips, projects, speakers, etc. This committee assists clubs with fund requests and allocations. Concerned with identifying and supporting the needs of clubs and organizations. This committee assists clubs and organizations with officer training, promoting and publicizing events, increasing membership, fund requests and allocations, and identifying opportunities for partnering with other groups.

Media Committee

Concerned with publicizing and promoting Student Association initiatives, activities and events. Members of this committee work to identify and effectively advertise events sponsored by Student Association and its standing committees and clubs and organizations. Onondaga students interested in marketing, communications, graphic design and electronic media communications are encouraged to serve on this committee.

Student Association Elections

All students that pay a student activity fee and are registered Onondaga students are eligible to vote in elections for Student Association officers. In addition to officer elections, a student representative is elected to serve on the Onondaga Community College Board of Trustees and two students are elected to serve on the Association Board of Directors at this time. Student representatives also serve on the Arts Across Campus Committee and College Council.

Student Representation on the Onondaga Community College Board of Trustees

The governing boards or councils of all units of the State University of New York include a student as a voting member. The College has had a student representative on its Board of Trustees since 1973. Elected by the student body, the representative attends Board meetings, serves on Board committees and votes on all Board matters. The student representative serves as a liaison between students and the College’s governing body.

These flyer designs were brought to you by your go-to source for college lifestyle entertainment productions, GRIFFIN PRODUCTIONS. Griffin Productions, Highly Anticipated Never Duplicated.  If you are a student organization, group, university, or student interested in stellar visual production send an e-mail to or Facebook Hakim Griffin at Check out more work at and be sure to like GP design on FACEBOOK 

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