Casey Anthony to leave jail this sunday

The mother who was suspected to have killed her 2 year old daughter is walking free this Sunday.  Casey Anthony is leaving the Florida jail after three years after her arrest and the notification and disappearance of her daughter. Check out more articles and video on CNN website:

CNN: “

The Orlando woman’s release comes 12 days after a jury acquitted her on murder and child neglect charges. That verdict brought an abrupt end to a six-week trial that drew intense media hype for its elements of family drama and the continued mystery over what happened to young Caylee Anthony.

Around 10 p.m. Saturday, a print reporter, videographer and photographer went inside the Orange County jail facility so they could document Anthony’s release. They will then share details with the legions of other journalists camped out in a staging area outside the jail’s booking center.

By Saturday afternoon, about 20 satellite TV trucks and many other vehicles from news outlets nationwide were positioned to broadcast the news onsite. They were joined by a handful of demonstrators, mostly voicing their opposition to Anthony’s release though one man standing by himself under a tree did tote a sign reading, “She’s not guilty. Get over it.”

While she was cleared on the more serious charges, the jury of seven women and five men did convict Casey Anthony on four counts of misleading law enforcement agents who were investigating Caylee’s whereabouts.”

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