Team A.O.D. launch their new album Emotions Expressed

Empire Life Media Entertainment and Griffin Productions is honored to have Joseph Jones aka Double J and his A.O.D. team on their recent project project called Emotions Expressed.  These guys are bringing new talent to the Cuse and are excited for their upcoming campaigns with performances, interviews, venue interaction, sponsorships and more.

Emotions Expressed consists of 19 tracks:

1) Intro Welcome to Emotions Expressed 
2) Boy with a Dream   
3) Emotions Expressed ft. DJ RobinHood & Big Tim
4) When?    
5) All The Lies Ft. LilDee     
6) Gone Crazy    
7) Eat You Alive Remix Ft. Infamous     
8) Resa-You Lost Me     
9) AOD Team Part 1 Ft. Big Tim, Aces and DJ RobinHood   
10) Switch Ft. Uncle Los     
11) Addicted     
12) Child-hood Memories  ft. Resa and Uncle Los  
13) Original DA Ft. DJ Robinhood   
14) True Love Ft. LilDee    
15) This Way Ft. LilDee      
16) AOD Team Part 2 Ft. LilDee, Uncle Los & Infamous 
17) Safee-Go Slow Ft. Double-J & Uncle Los 
18) Hard to Live Ft. Resa & Uncle Los    
19) Rock The Mic Remix ft. DJ Robinhood

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