Brooke Marcucci, Entrepreneur and Model

We are honored in having an interview with the wonderful Brooke Marcucci.  Empire Life stumbled upon her and was captivated by her glamour and modeling portfolio and had to contact her immediately.  Comes to know she is more than a cute face, but rather has bigger intentions into the business side of things with her upcoming styling cosmetology career. 

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I was born and raised in Guilderland and still live here cause i love it
I Attended cosmetology school, And now am a Licenced cometologist, and love my job more than n e thing!

Just hanging out with good people, working on cars with my fave guys, in the summer attending car shows, modeling is for now just a hobby but soon it can become something more, going on vacation, Shooting any gun, LOVE to cook!! buying shoes! Im pretty much down for any thing fun!

Fun facts… hmmm, well i dont have too many i guess but i LOVEE the smell of skunk and gasoline!! omg it just reminds me of summer as a kid,i dont know why haha. I was on AFV when Bob Saget hosted it and won! haha i think i got 2nd place. this one is kinda groose but i can spit a loogie extremely far haha, I only have 2 tattoos but i want a tonnnn more! And im An amazing shot! I was in a shoting competition for a fundraiser in california and i placed the same as Police officers, swat team and marksmen! no joke, haha i have a video to prove it haha, and i had a pet squirell who i loved SOO much he was my babyyy

My resume is pretty random but i worked at a jewelrystor at age 14, then at age 16 worked at jewish retirement home, then i worked at inferno pizzaria, then Planet Beach tanning which was funn!, then once i realized i wanted to get my cosmetology licensce i started looking at jobs at salons assiting but that was terrible because they all treaet me like thier little b*tc# and then i got a job at sephora and still work there and work at Lipstik Beauty Lounge also as a Cosmetologist and Make-up artist!

My future Goals are Being on the cover of any magazine, I would loveeee to be on car magazine like performance auto and sound or any type of magazine related to automotive products such as bikes, cars or even Gun magaizies, Far future i want to hav 3 kids and be well off enoug to give them everything they want!

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