Taya Photography goes international with media campaigns with Griffin Productions and Empire Life Media Entertainment

Designed BY Hakim Griffin, Empire Life Media Entertainment and Griffin Productions

This spring and summer 2011, Taya Photography will be teaming up with Hakim Griffin from Griffin Productions and Empire Life Media Entertainment in a world wide Media and promoting campaign for the stunning amateure photographer from Taya photography.  The two have been talking and negotiating projects for over a year now and Taya is based in across seas in Bosnia while Hakim is based here in the United States.  Both personas are highly interested in the same field and content in terms of lifestyle entertainment but Taya is generating buzz with her photography skills.  Her portfolio consists of

1)portraits 2) abstractions 3) people in motion 4) nature 5) advertising images 6) events 7) and much more

Be on the lookout for more campaigns and media kits through the course of the next few seasons and positing about the photographer and the lifestyle entertainment socialite.  We are proud to have her on our team and of course in our projects. You can check out her work at the following links below:

Taya Facebook Taya on Wix Taya Webshots

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