Dreamfetcher on The Empire Life

Press Contact:

Austin Curtis

(310) 699 7786


Twitter: @Austin_Curtis


At the stroke of midnight on December 1st in Syracuse, NY DreamFetcher launched their new website.  DreamFetcher introduces a revolutionary approach for connecting recruiters and job seekers through their unique matching algorithm. No slonger will job seekers need to spend hours applying to jobs. No longer will recruiters receive hundreds of unqualified resumes. Only compatible parties will be matched together, finally bringing efficiency and order to an otherwise chaotic job search process.

Job seekers all over the world are spending hours searching through the thousands of job postings offered on traditional job posting websites.  When they do find a job that fits their qualifications and preferences they are required to submit the exact same information over and over again to each job.  This is an extremely frustrating and time consuming process.

At the same time recruiters are receiving hundreds of resumes for each job they post on traditional websites. The vast majority of these resumes are unqualified for their position.  Recruiters are spending countless hours swimming through this sea of unqualified applicants.  This costs companies time and money.

On DreamFetcher there is no searching and applying for the job seeker and there is no sifting through hundreds of unqualified applicants for the recruiters.  Over the past year, DreamFetcher has developed a matching system that only matches compatible job seekers and recruiters together.  Think of DreamFetcher as the E-Harmony of the job search.

DreamFetcher is essentially a common application for jobs.  Job seekers build an extensive profile filling out their past experience, skills, academic history, and what they are looking for in their ideal job.  They are then able to upload samples of their work into their e-portfolio whether it be a short film they have made or writing samples.  DreamFetcher’s system analyzes this information and matches job seekers with jobs that suit their desires and skill sets.

When applicants are matched with jobs, they receive a description of the company and position.  Job seekers are able to either accept or decline the suggested position.  If they accept their profile will be given to the employer.  If they decline the employer will never know they existed.

DreamFetcher’s services are FREE for all job seekers and employers.  Experience the ease of not having to apply and search through thousands of jobs by visiting www.dreamfetcher.com.

Management Team: Kyle McShane (CEO), Gerald Decelian (COO), Austin Curtis (CAO)

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