Connective Cooridor on The Way

Connective cooridor

The connective coordor is finally starting this season of 2011 in Syracuse New York. After long waiting and anticipation, this city and university project is underway for
Improving the face of the “Emerald City called Syracuse”. Creating jobs to help rebuild businesses, parks, transportation, community connective and visual esthetics that will help bring Syracuse University and the city of Syracuse together.

Doing this project is extemely necessary for thr city and university. There has been a segragation between the campus and city residents for some time. Students are uneducated in what the city has to offer. Most of the time, students barely get off campus to explore new restaurants, clubs, bars, fashion stores, shoppes, and recreation. A student may have hopped on the issued connective corridor bus that goes downtown and through campus but it is not fully effective.

Having a city project that will bring the face of Syracuse to positive bvisual esthetics is very important and even more kmportant if it generates money for the area.

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