Exclusive Interview with Section Q and Hakim Griffin from Empire Life and Griffin Productions

Hakim Griffin from Griffin Productions and Empire Life Entertainment and Media was able to catch up with the artist Section Q from Bank Boyz Entertainment for an exclusive interview about the artist himself and upcoming ventures and projects.  Hakim Griffin has worked with Bank Boyz Entertainment since 2009 with marketing and graphic design work while Bank Boyz Entertainment contnued with performances, project collaborations, shows, and much more.  Now in the mix is James Rudisell also known as Section Q is launching his new album called Fitted Hat Fresh which is down available to download & purchase on itunes, e-music, naptser, Rhapsody and soon will be in Best Buys across upstate New York.  In promo to representing upstate new york in the form of hip hop, rap and r & b artists.

Hakim: Where are you from ?

Section Q: South Side Syracuse, Ny

Hakim: What is your favorite music of inspiration or artists?

Section Q: I’m more of an laid back type of dude, my life gets so hectic at times that I just want to listen to instruments. No talking, No lyrics just the guitar, or piano. Thats mainly when I’m by myself and just looking to kick back. But I like all different types of music it really just depends on my mood.

Hakim: Any hobbies that you like to do?

Section Q: I play ball every Sunday in a league. Flag football in the fall. Also anything that has to do with music.

Hakim: How do you describe your music?

Section Q: My music is me. When you listen to my music know that I’m talking about real life. I’m not shooting everybody on every song and I’m not buying big houses with gold doors and silver pets. I’m giving it to you strait, I like to have fun! So my music is fun!

Hakim: What is bank boyz entertainment?

Section Q: Bank Boyz Ent. was founded in 2007. I guess you can say we’re a well rounded entertainment company. I run the company along with Geda, Hayze, and H, and that combination has been pretty successful so far offering d.j. services, production, and quality music.

Hakim: Why the “title fitted hat fresh”?

Section Q: Well other then the fact that I’m addicted to buying fitted hats, I mean it got so bad that I had to donate some last month. Fitted hat fresh is not just about fitted hats, its about a life style. “Fitted hat fresh I’m above ya head”. No matter what people are saying about you, or what other people are doing around you, you have to always do whats best for yourself. You have to be above that to succeed.

Hakim: Where is your album being sold?

Section Q: The cd will be on the shelves at best buy. Shout out to my distributor for making that real for me. Also online. Itunes, Emusic, Napster, Rhapsody, and Amazon.com. There’s about 20 more websites.

Hakim: Any upcoming events and projects?

Section Q: We got the Fitted Hat Fresh Release Party coming up on dec. 9th, thats gonna be a red carpet event. Currently working on putting together an upstate promo tour. Hayze Effect is working on an R&B project, and D.J. Geda is always doing a party.

Hakim: What about your Upstate New York Campaign?

Section Q: I’m not really trying to be a central, Ny star. I’m really just trying to feed my family by doing what I love to do. I think it’s a blessing to be able to invest as much time as I do into music. I do this full time now, my 9-5. It’s not luck. A lot of rappers want to do this for real, but in order to do this you have to apply yourself. Thats what I’m doing and I’m just reaping some of the benefits. Shout out to Bank Boyz, and every single fan that supports what we’re doin. Making this project available to the masses was just the beginning, now we need you more then ever. Shout out all the media outlets we have in Syracuse now, with out you it would be 10 times harder to be heard. Thanks to anybody else thats been there us!

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