Taya Photography Nature and Animal Series


Soraja Taya Ćar was born and raised in Sarajevo since 1988,beaufitul city in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina.She is finishing Law,but passion for design and photography  are her main guidance in life.She has her own  photography business and also works freelance,as she said :”As a freelancer I can stay open minded,I hate being inside the box,do what others say “. Soraja speaks several languages and her work spans four continents and over 25 countries worldwide.She also recently showed her work in some magazines and websites like New York Orange County.Soraja  is a photographer with four years expirience in different aspect of photography,at the beginning she didn’t have professional equipment but that wasn’t obstacle for her,as she said :”I think that having the right equipment is a plus but having a talent and the “eye”for details is far more important and as I can see people think I have what it takes to be a photographer,that is the main thing for me”

“In a society where too many artificial inputs are available, these simple things can make us feel more connected to the world. They give us a sense of beauty, liveliness that enrich our lives. Through my photography, I have tried to convey these feelings of passion to the viewers.a sence of what I see when I look at the world thru my lense.I like to emphasize the beauty, as I feel that aesthetic appreciation will lift our soul and eventually lead to respect for the natural and cultural diversity of our planet.”


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