Getting Around Central New York, Your Official transportation guide

Central New York's Transportation Guide

Central New York's Transportation Guide

When it comes to getting around Syracuse and visiting the surrounding businesses, parks, stores, colleges and just site seeing around Syracuse could seem to be complicated. Well with Empire Life and Orange Life we are making it easier for students, community members, tourists, and everyone in between with methods of easy access in getting around the city.  A great way to go downtown is to pay $1.25 for the Centro Bus which will take you anywhere around Syracuse including the carousel mall.  If you take the buses from College Place Located on Syracuse University they are free.  These are great sources for Syracuse Athletic events such as football and basketball games.

Be aware if you take a bus to the mall for movies, Centro public city buses do not run late and you will have to call a cab that will cost you anywhere from $15.00 to $20.00 to take you back to campus or anywhere around the city.  So watch out for the late night movies at carousel mall.  Also you are going to want to plan ahead when calling cabs or taxi’s during the weekend late hours when going out.  As the weather and season gets colder you are not going to want to be trekking in the cold and snow.  Getting a cab before the party crowds is very important for your comfort and patience.

Caz Limo is awesome because it provides great luxury transportation rentals for special events as well as bus services to and throughout Syracuse and Syracuse University.  SU Nob Hill is one of the main bus routes for PADS LLC Student Housing which has it’s very own stop located on East Colvin Avenue and Robert Drive.  Empire Life has helped many students be more aware of the bus systems throughout the semester and vacations to help them explore the general city as well as to getting to class comfortably in a timely fashion.  PADS LLC transportation campaign with Empire Life has been in affect during the last two years and has shown a tremendous response in positive service with a comfortable and smooth ride. Check out more at

regional transport center thumbnailsyracuse car rentals

Centro Connective Cooridor Downtown and Syracuse University

syracuse international airport

syracuse international airport


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