Feel Your Boobies , We know you want to!



Middletown, PA- October 13, 2010—This year, to honor National Feel Your Boobies Week, Feel Your Boobies is hosting the YouBoob Funniest Video Contest with the winning video collecting the $10,000 Grand Prize. The Foundation rallied people to create a lighthearted, 60-second video illustrating how they remind their friends to ‘feel their boobies.’ Receiving nearly 90 submissions from across the country, the videos are now posted and waiting for your vote. To view, vote and share the videos go to www.youboob.feelyourboobies.com. Voting ends October 27th and thProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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winner will be announced on October 29th.

This year marks the 4th Annual National Feel Your Boobies Week, an annual campaign hosted by the Feel Your Boobies Foundation as part of breast cancer awareness month. “Feel Your Boobies. Remind a Friend.” Is the lighthearted message the Foundation is sending to young women to encourage them to get in touch with their own bodies and remind friends to do the same.

The mission of the Feel Your Boobies Foundation is to utilize unexpected and unconventional methods to remind young women to “feel their boobies”. “Our campaign gets your attention with provocative slogan, but also delivers a life-saving message.” Says Leigh Hurst, Founder of Feel Your Boobies. And she speaks from experience. In 2004 she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. Because she was in touch with her body, she felt a lump that otherwise went unnoticed by doctors.

With over 2 million followers on Facebook, making Feel Your Boobies one of the Top 30 Causes on Facebook, the campaign is certainly spreading its message. But it’s doing more than that…it’s saving lives. Young women like holly Rose found her lump because of Feel Your Boobies’ Facebook campaign. “My girlfriend posted “Feel Your Boobies” on Facebook.” Says Rose, “I did that night and found a lump. Had it not been for my friend who posted Feel your boobies on Facebook it could have progressed even further. Feel your boobies saved my life.”

The Feel Yourself Video Campaign for Syracuse University.

After hearing about the promoting campaign with Feel Your Boobies from a posting on the scholarship wall at new House on Syracuse University, I began to think of a major campaign for this video contest in promoting breast cancer awareness. I myself Hakim Griffin and partner Irene Azarkh, both (Syracuse affiliated students) decided to come up with a video submission for this campaign. We put a team of production students, local businesses, and a strong network of production students from all across the nation and most importantly on SU campus who are strong supporters of our “Feel Yourself Campaign”

Our goal of our video is to show a montage of funny scenarios of people who support our cause and video in and around campus. Our “Feel Yourself” video brand would be promoted all over the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, posters, flyers, local businesses, and more. Through the voting period we will be constantly spreading the word of the video and to get people to vote for it. One major promotional event for our video is the “FEEL YOURSELF PROMO EVENT.”

Empire Life Entertainment and World Martini Bar come together for the Feel Yourself Promo Event. This event is going to take place on Thursday October 21st, 2010 at 8:00pm- 2:00am at Syracuse’s famous and classy World Martini Bar located at 143 East Genesee Street Syracuse New York in Hanover Square downtown http://www.worldmartinibar.com . Empire Life Entertainment is a lifestyle and entertainment source originally started in Syracuse and now is an upcoming national lifestyle source in a college town and city near you http://www.theorangelife.org . This event will be a night to remember with The Aviatorz mixing it up all night long with the latest dance and hip-hop music http://www.theaviatorz.com . At the event, Don Q Rum and their promo girls will be at the event giving free tastes of their delicious beverages. Associated with the event will be Phantom Fashion, your lifestyle and fashion source for your fashion trends http://www.eyespysu.wordpress.com. Also tribute to Ill Productions, your official source for professional video shooting needs http://www.theorangelife.org/illvideos. Griffin Productions, “Highly Anticipated Never Duplicated” graphic design and production service. Special thanks to J-Michaels, Feel Yourself Models, Acropolis Pizza, Syracuse University, Campus Socialite, SU Greek Life, SU Alumni, and more.

For an updated list of special tributes and helping contributors and sponsors visit our official voting and promo page at www.theorangelife.org/boobies


For more information contact Hakim Griffin at advertising@theorangelife.org or hwgriffi@syr.edu and Irina Azarkh at Irene@theorangelife.org or iazarkh@gmail.syr.edu.

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